Terms of Use

a) Implicit Agreement

When the user enters the website Soundtrap Productions. Estúdio de Som, Gravação Musical - Porto (http://www.soundtrap-productions.net), implicitly he accepts the terms of use stated in this document. In case he doesn’t accept these terms of use, he shouldn’t use the service.

b) Terms of use Update

Whenever this document is updated, visibility measures will be taken so that an indication of the update is visible on the home page of this site (http://www.soundtrap-productions.net) for a minimum period of 15 days so that the privacy of our users can be respected as well as their choice to use or not our service.

c) User navigation data

In order to improve our service we have a statistical system that collects the navigation user data (IP, languages, etc ...) for an automated data base. These data will never be treated isolated and will never be used with another purpose than statistical.

d) Personal/professional data

The data entered by users when making a record in our service are entirely the responsibility of themselves and it will be used to serve the purposes of our service.

e) E-mail Marketing

Each time the user authorizes, his email can also be used for sending e-mails to inform him about our services and promotions and / or to inform him about third parties activity.

f) Delete Record

The possibility of eliminating a previously opened registration by a user will always be available in case the user wishes his company no longer to be linked to our service.

g) Profile data update

In case the user wishes to update the data linked to his profile he will always have the possibility of doing it. All data contained in his profile may be updated.

h) User data validation

The platform of Soundtrap Productions. Sound Studio, Musical Recording - Oporto doesn’t have user sessions, therefore there is no need for users to manage another username and password. Our method for a user validation works via email. Thus, for any task that involves creating, modifying or deleting data, prior validation is required through a link sent to the email used at the time of registration.

i) External links

The Soundtrap Productions is not responsible for the content of links (links) published in the profiles of each user or the advertising space used by third parties.

j) Publication of a new profile

Before a profile becomes public in our directory it will have to be approved by our team of editors who will evaluate it taking into account that the space Soundtrap Productions. Sound Studio, Music Recording - Oporto only allows credible business which demonstrate quality and veracity of the descriptions entered by users.

k) Improper content

Soundtrap Productions will always have the final decision on the publication of the contents of users. Contents containing or promoting pornography, explicit violence, xenophobia, racism or any other kind of content that can create social or ethical conflicts will not be accepted.

l) Usage of the company name by third parties

If the data of your company is being used by a user who does not have permission to publish them in our directory, please send us a complaint to [email protected] requesting deregistration presenting us a proof of the occurrence so that it can be validated by our editorial team.

Porto, January 30, 2010