Commercials / Jingles / Voice Over

This service refers to the sound content production dedicated to commercials advertising, didactic, institutional, educational and creative markets. Technically, we provide full support: audio recording, editing, mixing and mastering of any audio.

Musical Production

Musical Production and Composition for Artists, Publishers, Films, Children's and Educational sectors

Audio Post-Production

With this new service we offer the possibility of obtaining the best quality/price ratio in the audio post production market for Internet, Radio, TV, Cinema and Multimedia. This step, which normally follows any capture process, is intended for processing sound information in digital formats, or, for a completely original sound design method.

Sound Design / Foleys

This is the creative section of the sound and musical composition process. It is, therefore, a purely artistic phase in which the designer focuses exclusively on the more emotional language contained in the post-production phase of any audio work.

Exterior Productions

This department consists of providing services relating to the capture and subsequent phases relating to live shows in various areas, such as concerts, plays, themed parties, lectures, conferences, workshops, seminars, among others.

Castings / Voice Agency

As a multifaceted company in the audiovisual area, in this section you will find GAV, where our clients can access important services in the entertainment sector, such castings in our voice over agency.

Translation / Subtitling and Dubbing

Support services for adaptations and localization of video materials in other languages, more specifically for Advertising Spots, Institutionals, Series, Films, E-Learnings, IVR, Audio Books, among many others