We offer a wide and professional range of services.

Musical Production

Terms and access to the different stages of pre-production, capturing, editing, mixing and mastering.

Video Animation/Production and Post Production

This new service offers the possibility of obtaining the best quality-price ratio in the market for institutional videos, TV spots, videos, multimedia and 2D/3D/4D animations.

Production in the exterior

This department renders services relating to sound production and posterior phases of different types of live shows, such as concerts, theatre plays, theme parties, lectures, conferences, workshops, among others.

Audio Post-Production

This service generally comes after the process of capturing the sound, with the purpose of processing the sound information into digital format or adopting a fully original sound method.

Sound Design

This is the creative part of the hole process of sound and music composition. Therefore, it is a purely artistic stage on which the designer is focused on the most emotional language contained in the post-production phase of any audio project.

Castings, Voice Over Agency

As a versatile company in the field of audio-visual, in this section you have GAV where our clients can find important services related to show business, such as organising and producing any type of castings (general or customised), agencying artists and voice talents, such as general photo sessions.

Simultaneous translation and Translations from and into Portuguese

With this new department you can enjoy a fast and qualified service at the best prices in the market.

Production of Spots/Jingles/Voice Recording

This service is linked to the production of audio publicity, didactics, institutional, educational, educative and recreational contents.

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