General Terms | Music Production

Artists / bands should have their own instruments, consumables (strings, drumsticks, etc ...) and backline basis for recording processes.

Any use of instruments and backline of Soundtrap Productions has extra costs (to be consulted). The only basic responsibility of the studio the proper use of microphones, monitor mix systems, signal preamplifiers and indispensable processing for audio recording, mixing and mastering.

The first mixing process is always performed by the producer of the project without the presence of artists / bands.

Only in the final mixing rectification (if any) it will be allowed the presence of just one project member in the studio.

The payment is always divided into two installments: 50% in the award and 50% upon delivery of the Master CD.

The maximum time limit for the production of an album with 12 tracks is 60 days and for an EP with 4 tracks is 30 days.

Any dissatisfaction by the customer does not exclude the payment of the work produced until the moment of professional disagreement between the parties.

The artist has the right to request all the raw material recorded at the end of each completed process.